Handgrow Organics is mainly in the organic products sector. It was incorporated in 2017 and been involved in importing, exporting and packaging of organic products

The product range of Handgrow organics ltd today includes: Organic Spices, Supper foods products . All material is sourced from all over organic farmers in India , always adhering to the highest quality standards. Large quantities are also sourced from the domestic market, thereby supporting the Indian farmers.









About US

Handgrow Organics ltd began as Two farmer son effort to ensure the health, safety and comfort of Small villagers into a mission to provide natural and pure alternative Organic products to customer around the world .

We know from personal experience that farming organic is a constant learning curve and the vast array of choices we are offered today can be overwhelming. Concerns about chemicals and the commercial drive of much of what is available has sparked many customers to consider natural alternatives.

Our promise Handgrow Organics ltd is to provide products that are carefully selected for quality, purity, design and are produced in a way that cares for the earth and its workers. As family , by making organic choices during this significant period we can provide a healthy, enriching environment for our customers and at the same time nourish and preserve the world in which they will grow.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and that it helps to make your life simpler, more meaningful, and filled with joy.

The Handgrow organics Family

Quality Assurance

Food Safety Policy

“We committed to process safe, legal, hygienic and superior quality food products to the satisfaction of customers requirement by using quality raw materials, strict hygienic conditions and proper testing procedures with the team of qualified and trained personnel. We also strive to improve on the processes continually by communicating with suppliers and customers, and by meeting National, International, statutory and regulatory food safety requirements.”

Organic certification is a process that helps producers of organic food and other organic agriculture products to get their products certified through internationally accredited certification bodies such as Control Union, Onecert, IMO, Indorcert etc.organic certification is intended to assure quality and prevent fraud. “Certification organic" label is a product assurance for consumers worldwide

The standards are laid down and administered in India by APEDA.The standard is called the NPOP-national Program for Organic Production. Similarly the US standard is called USDA NOP(national organic program)standards and European Union standards are specified by regulation EC 834/2009

Our Mission!

Sharing Health Good Health

Spread Importance of GIR COW Base ZERO BUZZET FARMING product to everyone. MAKE " Cow Protection” - a Indian people’s movement .
work for the protection of people’s life.


Turmeric contains curcumin, which prevent the growth of cancer, so if you want to protect yourself from cancer than add some Gir cow based farming organic turmeric powder in your daily diet.

We all respect Gir cow as mother and according to scriptures all gods lives in Gir cow , that’s why we worship cow and sees cow dung and urine with holy eyes.

In Ayurveda Gir cow urine is used to prepare many medicines because Gir cow urine is best antidote, antibacterial and boost power in body, with that it is rich in nitrogen, copper phosphate, uric acid ,potassium ,chloride and sodium.

That’s why Gir cow urine is used to cure many dangerous diseases like diabetes, tuberculosis , aids, cancer, migraine and heart attack. So eat our farm’s organic turmeric powder and get its benefits to get rid of cancer .



Manures from gir cow urine & dung, makes the soil fertile, for yielding more nutrient fruits & vegetables for healthy life & aids in overcoming the negatives of chemical fertilisers.

The gir cow dung in the best alternative to artificial fertilizer that has so many harmful effects on the environment & therefore is helpful in pursuing Organic Farming.

Gir cow urine & dung provide the right solutions for most of the diseases that are considered incurable.

Gir cow urine has natural disinfectant and antiseptic qualities. It helps in curing cancer , aids, asthma , diabetes, psoriasis , eczema, heart diseases, hyper - tension , cough & cold

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